Holiday Baking Guide

The holidays are about spending time with those you love and spreading joy. There’s no better way to do that than with homemade baking!

Introducing Holiday Baking, the ultimate baking guide for filling this holiday season with cheer, love, and warm memories you’ll look back on for years to come.

This brand new guide features 30 fun and festive recipes to bake and share while answering all the most common holiday kitchen questions. From how to make the recipes ahead of time, to tips & tricks for making the holidays practically effortless, this will become your go-to resource throughout the entire season.

These aren’t the same boring recipes that likely fill all those cookbooks gathering dust on your shelf. These are festive flavors in new and exciting ways to impress your loved ones and to keep those first-bite-smiles coming all season long.

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Intermediate Holiday Baker

Holiday Baking Guide

• Tessa’s Christmas Cookies

• Printable recipe cards

• Cookie Exchange Party Printable Kit


Basic Baker

Holiday Baking Guide

• Printable recipe cards


Make memories that will last a lifetime.

The food is arguably the best part of every holiday season. Not just because it’s delicious and comforting, but because it brings everyone together.

Imagine entering the kitchen with complete confidence throughout this entire holiday season. You feel relaxed and calm as you go about baking what will become everyone’s new favorite treats. You’re not stressed or frazzled like before, because you know everything will actually turn out.

You relish in the joy and pleasure that is spread when everyone takes that first bite of your homemade creation. They love it and the whole energy of the room completely shifts. Your goodies have brought everyone together and for these special moments they’ve forgotten about all of their problems and worries and are instead thankful for the lifetime memories being made.

That’s what holiday baking is all about. Spending time together creating something with love. Reliving warm memories of being in the kitchen as a kid with your family, and now being able to continue on that legacy with your kids and grandkids (either now, or one day in the future).

Imagine feeling relaxed throughout the holiday season so you can truly soak every moment up. Imagine not feeling rushed, frantic, or worried about every little detail. My mission is to bring more joy back into the holiday season, and the way I do that is by empowering you with my best festive recipes and baking tips so you can spread the love into the new year.

This will be the BEST holiday season

For many of our families, so much effort goes into the holidays.

Some of us have to hop on a plane or drive for 100+ miles to celebrate with family. Many of us spend hours upon hours planning recipes, grocery shopping, cooking, and doing the dishes for each celebration. If you’re hosting, the amount of time spent on tidying, cleaning, and decorating can be a little exhausting. And finding the perfect gift for each family member and friend without breaking the bank can be stressful.

The holidays are a huge investment in time, energy, and money.

But the payoff is so worth it when everyone is together in the same room, taking that first bite of something homemade with huge smiles on their faces.

Since so much goes into the holidays, I’ve spent weeks brainstorming ways I can help you master the kitchen and bake the most perfect treats to celebrate with your family. Ways to help you have the most delicious celebrations yet, where the memories made with last a lifetime. Where everyone tells you “this is the BEST holiday meal ever” because lets face it, the amazing food of the holiday season is just a vehicle for love, joy, and gratitude.


What’s Inside Holiday Baking?

All my favorite holiday recipes in one convenient, organized, digital cookbook that you can take anywhere with you. Photographs illustrate each of the 30 recipes. Every chapter opens with tons of tips, tricks, advice, and make-ahead directions. I even sprinkle in some baking science so you can really improve your baking game. Chapters include Pies, Cheesecake, Bread, Cake & Cupcakes, Breakfast, and Sweet Staples.

Included are the answers to all the baking questions I’m asked over and over again throughout the holiday season. My hope it that it’ll improve your baking skills and confidence for LIFE.


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///Intermediate Baker Bundle

Holiday Baking Guide
• Tessa’s Christmas Cookies
• Printable recipe cards
• Cookie Exchange Party Printable Kit

///Basic Baker

Holiday Baking Guide + Printable recipe cards
• Instantly downloadable!
• Can be saved on any computer, tablet, or smart phone for access wherever you go

The recipes in Holiday Baking and my other guides are the exact recipes my family BEGS me to make for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve plus every cookie exchange, block party, cocktail party, brunch, pot luck, and everything in between. From a formal affair, to a casual day watching Christmas movies, these recipes will help to create memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t LOVE your purchase, you have 30 days to get all your money back. Since it’s a digital product, you still get to keep the files even after being refunded. Why would I do this?

Because I’m confident that you will love the book. It’s more than a collection of recipes. It’s a way to infuse love and delight into your holiday season to bring your friends and family together year after year.

Truly, this eBook isn’t just about the recipes. It’s about improving your baking through my simple tips in a way that will give you complete confidence in the kitchen. That’s my life’s work.

You have 30 days to see if you love the eBook. If not, just email me and I will refund your purchase.

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I’ve graduated culinary school, published a print cookbook, and had my work featured in numerous major publications. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and through all of that developed a repertoire of holiday baking tips and festive recipes everyone is always asking me to share. Well, now I finally am in one convenient place.


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