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Ultimate Dinner Rolls

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For November, we’re making Ultimate Dinner Rolls.

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Recipe Tips for
Perfect Chemistry

Tip 1: Use Bread Flour

The bread flour in this recipe has a higher percentage of protein, which helps the dough to develop stronger strands of gluten. Basically, that means it helps to form rolls with a nice tall structure and slightly chewy texture. If you don’t have bread flour, you can use the same amount of all-purpose, they just might not be as chewy and tall.

Tip 2: Adjust the amount of flour as needed

Another note about flour. I develop my recipes in Phoenix where it’s extremely dry. If you live in a humid climate, you’ll likely need to add more flour to the dough. Start by adding just a tablespoon at a time until the dough isn’t unbearably sticky. It’s better to have a sticky dough and beautiful rolls because adding too much extra flour can cause the rolls to become dense instead of light and fluffy.

Tip 2: For Forming & Kneading Dough

This recipe basically directs you to throw everything together in the stand mixer fitted with the dough hook and let the machine do the work until the dough is soft, smooth, elastic, and slightly tacky. It’s ALWAYS better to have a dough that starts more sticky and ends up light and fluffy out of the oven than to add too much additional flour and end up with dense or tough rolls. Remember, as the dough rises it will become less sticky as well.

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