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Here’s a collection of the very best Halloween Recipes! Everything from easy cookies, festive breakfast recipes, crowd-pleasing spooky party snacks, ways to use up your leftover Halloween candy, and more!

Halloween How-To’s

No need to be intimidated by baking beautiful Halloween desserts with these how-to articles. Tons of tips, tricks, and make ahead directions inside!

Tessa’s Top Baking Tips

Measure your flour accurately.

Using a digital scale is the best way to measure your flour for total accuracy. Find out the right way to measure flour in this article.

Use the right baking pans for your cookies!

I performed side-by-side testing to find the best baking pans! Find out the best (and worst!) baking pans in this article.

Make sure to use fresh pumpkin puree in your pumpkin desserts.

Check out my article covering a taste test between fresh pumpkin puree, regular canned pumpkin, and organic canned pumpkin here.

Bake With Me!

Step into my kitchen and bake these festive and delicious Halloween recipes with me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to freeze cookie dough:

Make the cookie dough as the recipe instructs (for even more flavorful, thicker, and chewier cookies, chill your cookie dough before freezing).
Freezing works best with drop cookies (i.e. chocolate chip, peanut butter, etc.). Cut-out cookies actually freeze well after they’re baked!
Roll the cookie dough into even balls and place on a parchment-lined baking sheet that fits in your freezer.
Freeze the balls for 1 hour, or until solid. This prevents the balls from sticking to each other.
Remove the balls to a ziptop bag.
Learn more about how to bake from frozen here!

How to customize cookie bars:

You can add in whatever candy, cookies, and treats your heart desires. Some ideas include:
Hershey’s bars
Graham crackers
Rolo candies
Milk Duds
Peanut butter chips
Chocolate covered pretzels
Whatever is left in your child’s Halloween bucket

Why are my cookies flat?

When making cookies, be sure your butter is at a cool room temperature before beating with your sugar. It shouldn’t be greasy or overly soft otherwise it’ll melt and spread the cookies too much.
The warmer your chocolate chip cookie dough is when it enters the oven, the thinner and flatter your cookies will be. To prevent flat cookies, try freezing your balls of cookie dough while your oven preheats. Learn more about how to bake THICK cookies here.

What are the best Halloween desserts for adults?

Just about all the recipes I’ve included on this page are both adult and kid-friendly. These homemade Halloween recipes aren’t sickly sweet or kitschy, but perfectly delicious treats with a festive Halloween touch.

How to store cookies:

Homemade cookies can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days.