Mother’s Day Recipes

Check out my most delicious Mother’s Day Recipes below! Drool-worthy scones and muffins for brunch, show-stopping cakes, delicious cupcakes, and easy cookies – all perfect to treat the best Mom ever!

How to Make the BEST Desserts for Mom

With these helpful baking science articles, you’ll learn must-have skills that you can apply to just about any recipe for the best taste and texture.

Tessa’s Top Baking Tips

Measure your flour + cocoa powder correctly

Flour and cocoa powder are all too easy to mis-measure. These ingredients can be easily compacted into a container or measuring cup without you even realizing. Too much flour can result in dry, dense, crumbly, tough and even rubbery desserts.

Learn how to accurately measure your baking ingredients with a digital scale here.

Use the correct baking pan for brownies

I highly recommend using a reflective metal baking pan. I like this baking pan.

Dark metal pans will dry out the edges, often before the center can cook through. Glass or ceramic baking pans will take LONGER to bake, and the texture of the brownies may become more gummy. If you must use glass or ceramic, add about 10 to 15 minutes to the baking time.

I like to line my pan with two sheets of parchment, leaving an overhang so I can easily lift out the entire pan of brownies to cut and serve.

How to bake TALL muffins

Chilling your muffin batter overnight in the fridge is the BEST thing you can do for amazing muffins. It makes them more moist, tender and TALLER!

After mixing your batter, simply cover and chill in the fridge overnight before baking. No need to bring to room temperature before scooping into your muffin tin and baking.

More tips inside my How to Bake Tall Bakery Style Muffins article.

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The Best Mother’s Day Recipes

Step into my kitchen and bake these easy Mother’s Day recipes step-by-step with me.

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