Valentine’s Day Recipes

Here you’ll find all my favorite Valentine’s Day Recipes! Every recipe you could imagine from cookies, brownies, chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, and even Chocolate-Covered Strawberries, all waiting for below just for you and your Valentine.

Valentine’s Day How-To’s

Learn how to make the most impressive and delicious Valentine’s Day desserts with these helpful how-to baking articles.

Tessa’s Top Baking Tips

Measure your flour correctly!

Nobody wants tough hockey puck cookies on Valentine’s Day! Too much flour can result in tough, dry, and crumbly cakes, cookies, and other desserts. Flour compacts easily and you can wind up accidentally adding 20% more flour to your dough if you don’t measure it the professional way. Check out my article for How to Measure Flour the RIGHT Way here.

Two rules for tempering chocolate:

1. Never heat above 120°F.

2. Never expose melted chocolate to water.

Check out my How to Temper Chocolate article for the full detailed instructions. The process of tempering creates chocolate coatings that are ultra smooth, glossy, and have a crisp satisfying snap when eaten.

What kind of chocolate should I use for truffles?

To ensure that your truffles turn out nice and smooth, use finely chopped high quality baking chocolate.

Do not use chocolate chips. These include added ingredients that prevent them from fully melting to help preserve that chip shape even after baking (think chocolate chip cookies).

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